The challenge

The Kalasatama Wellbeing challenge offers companies an opportunity to develop solutions together with users and partner companies in an real urban environment. The Kalasatama Wellbeing challenge seeks new solutions for urban wellbeing with the following focus areas:

  • How can citizens better take care of their personal wellbeing and health every day? How can digital solutions and related services improve citizens’ capability to have an active life? Social relationships, mental wellbeing, everyday physical exercise, nutrition and rest – all of these affect our wellbeing, both together and separately.
  • How can the urban environment support health and wellbeing? How can the solutions use the physical spaces and opportunities of the area to improve the wellbeing of the citizens? The solutions can also use existing data, such as geographic information, or other data from the area and partners.

The partners of the piloting programme are the new Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre, SRV Group, Kesko and CGI Finland. The pilots to be implemented must be connected to the operations of the partners in Kalasatma. However, the pilot can also be partially implemented elsewhere in the city. The aim is to find pilots that lead into solutions which can be used by:

  • Kalasatama residents
  • Customers of the REDI shopping centre
  • Customers of the health and wellbeing center and occupational health services
  • Private wellbeing service providers
  • Healthcare professionals, such as the employees of the Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre and Kesko’s occupational health services

During the piloting programme the existing solutions can be further developed with the new user groups – or innovative functionalities can be added. Furthermore, the business model can be innovative or there is a new way of involving the partner companies. The experiment could be planned from the following perspectives, for example:

  • Does the offered solution involve collaboration with the Health and Wellbeing Centre?
  • Does it offer services for occupational healthcare customers?
  • Is the solution used in residential blocks or perhaps in the new Kalasatama centre?
  • Does the solution use data or geographic information in new ways?

Selection criteria

The pilot offers will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, based on the selection criteria presented below. The pilots to be selected must be connected to the Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre, occupational healthcare or the urban spaces, such as the REDI shopping centre, or the residential blocks.

  1. Improving the wellbeing and health of the residents  
  • The solution can improve the productivity, availability and efficiency of wellbeing and health services.
  • The solution can reduce inequalities in health.
  1. Innovativeness of the pilot·       
  • The novelty value and innovative qualities of the service or product.
  • The pilot can create new practices or perspectives.
  1. Scalability of the service
  • The functionality of the service and the business model and their potential to form a permanent solution.
  • The solution can be implemented both locally in Kalasatama and on a larger scale in Helsinki.
  1. Teams and resources
  • The competence and other resources of the team. Other resources  (funding and partners).
  • The capability to carry the service forward after the experiment.
  • A pilot that brings various actors together, such as companies, third-sector actors and other industries and educational institutions of the city of Helsinki.
  1. Smart, agile and user driven
  • The solution uses digitalisation, data and new technologies.
  • The development uses user-centric and agile development methods.

The expert jury                            

The pilots  are evaluated, based on the criteria presented above, by an expert jury comprising the following members:

  • Veera Mustonen, ohjelmapäällikkö, Forum Virium Helsinki Oy
  • Lars Rosengren, ylilääkäri, Project Manager, Helsingin kaupungin Sosiaali- ja terveystoimiala, Kalasataman terveys- ja hyvinvointikeskus 
  • Sanna Hartman, yritysasiamies, Helsingin kaupungin Sosiaali- ja Terveystoimiala
  • Pirjo Anttia, työterveyshuollon ylilääkäri, Kesko Oyj
  • Arto Huuskonen, Johtaja, digitalisaatio ja palvelut, SRV Yhtiöt Oyj
  • Sohvi Puro,  Director, CGI Finland Oy
  • Kenneth Salonius, Vertical Accelerator